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Welcome to RIKOSS by Jacob Forever! Join and see the splash RIKOSS makes in the market. Backed by the classic Jacob Forever and with quality flavors, long lasting battery, and durable design, hope you have an extra shirt because you’re sitting in the front row.

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Meet Jacob Forever

Over 20 years in the Music Industry

Jacob Forever, a member of the Sony Music Latin family, grew up in the countryside of Cuba in Camaguey. He developed his musical talents at a young age, performing locally and with family, until making it onto a larger stage in the cohort of Gente de Zona. He started his solo career in 2015. With new and fresh music still coming to date, he has developed a fanbase of millions, which grows stronger daily.



Rikoss started from the love of tobacco and the smoking culture of Cuba. Wanting to regain the prestige of the Cuban Cigar in the Modern World, RIKOSS was born. With not only an incredible product but with a hunger for innovation, RIKOSS is fantastic, and as with a Cuban Cigar, the taste only gets better with time.


Each pen is equipped with a high performance 900mAh battery and no more oily lips with our leak proof, independent tanks that prevents our 6.0mL premium e-juice to ever spill. With a strong outer encasing, this vape can take quite a punch all while still providing a constantly strong and delicious flavor for over 1800 puffs of blissful pleasure. 


a mix of  Classic Flavors

Below are our timeless flavors, which leave nothing out. For each palette, whether it prefer a menthol, ice-y finish with our Cool Mint, Lush + more, or the Vanilla sweet taste of Pina Colada and Strawberry Banana + more, there is favorite for everyone. Encased in our beautiful boxes, these best-sellers will make it on not only the customers top favorite’s but yours too. Our smooth, velvety colors match to every outfit of choice, becoming a key accessory for daily use. We bring you the pleasures of a Cuban easily stored in your pocket.